Taped next to the paint cans.

Fyona has informed me that boys are jerks, so in order to try and save her from that, we invited Jonathon Gorski from the Gentlemen’s Agenda to come by and teach boys manners! He tours schools and youth organizations and shows boys how to behave like men. That’s pretty awesome. 

Fyona left early.

Audi Resendez is a tough girl, and she will kick your ass. She’s also a former Miss Hispanic Texas, so she looks good doing it, too. 

I had no choice but to use my 2 year old daughter as a human shield.

Johnny and I “hang out” a lot, but we’re not always “taping” an “episode.” This isn’t an episode, this is just in between them.

Meredith Molinari fought a shopping cart, and the shopping cart won. Luckily, she healed up in time to swing by the garage. 

Fyona’s also there. Look, I get what the REAL draw of this show is.

It’s time to celebrate the holidays! Okay, technically, that time was months ago, but here’s a holiday episode all the same.

Scott Markus also takes us on his ghost tour through Los Angeles, LA Hauntings!

Spend some time with Mary Czerwinski, the Televixen! She makes Star Trek crafts and Johnny nervous.

From Secret Girlfriend and a whole bunch of other stuff, it’s Sara Fletcher!

Author Max Timm tells us about his new book!

Pete Punito, a guy from my office, tells us the origin of his incredible original nickname, “Chicago Pete.”

Fyona is getting her own action show!

(This is what happens when you can’t sleep and have iMovie.)